【Before Subscription】

Enjoy TV is the latest New Media Television Platform with the first combination of IPTV / OTT and Digital Terrestrial DTTV function in Malaysia. Pay an affordable monthly subscription fee and you’ll get our multifunctional decoder for FREE!
Get full access to our services through our latest SIRIM-certified Enjoy TV decoder on any device, be it on TV or your phone. ENJOY TV is no longer as simple as watching TV. We are the first to integrate 6 major sections and 8 functions for the first time, providing a comprehensive TV entertainment platform for your family.

The main contents include: Live TV, Video On Demand, Karaoke, TV Shopping, Digital TV DTTV, Smart Home System and Interactive Applications. Enjoy TV Platform are legally authorized with trusted source of content.

Enjoy TV is a PayTV platform. Now you can subscribe to our latest package ENJOY TVPlus, and able to use our multi-functional TV decoder with many other built-in value-added services for less than RM50 per month. (For the latest fees and subscription details, please refer to the website announcement) T&C apply.

3.1 First time purchase

For users who subscribe to Enjoy TVPlus service for the first time, we will only charge a deposit and a monthly fee for the first month.

3.2 Does Enjoy TVPlus comes with contract?
Yes, you will be bind with a 24-months contract for FREE decoder.

3.3 Can I terminate the service before the contract expires?
Sorry, if the service is terminated before the contract expiry date, your deposit will be forfeited.

3.4 How do I pay the monthly fee?
As the Enjoy TV decoder will be registered under your mobile phone number (User Account), you will have to provide a valid Credit/Debit Card for the recurring monthly fee. You will also receive notifications if the payment failed and you can login to the official website portal.enjoytv.asia/login to use different payment methods such as FPX Online Transfer / E-wallet and 7-11 stores.

The program includes variety shows, news, cartoons, sports, documentaries, movies, TV shows and many more. You can refer to the latest channel list at: https://enjoytv.asia/channel-list

Enjoy TVPlus includes DTTV digital terrestrial TV which you can watch local channels for FREE.
Enjoy TV is a legitimate new media TV platform and will not infringe content from other platforms. We will updated more channel continuously to give user more choices.

Enjoy TVPlus also includes Enjoy UU movies and TV shows on demand, as well as other value-added services such as DTTV digital TV broadcasting, Enjoy Smart Life smart home system, Enjoy Shopping, Kuro KTV, screen mirroring and other legal applications.

6.1 What is DTTV?
DTTV is a digital TV broadcast. It is a television and radio broadcasting services from the Malaysian government. It provides you with clearer broadcast services without climate interference, and it is free to air.

6.2 What is Enjoy Smart Life?
Enjoy Smart Life is a smart home system with intelligent monitoring and control of power switch to create a safe and comfortable home for you. Enjoy TV users will also enjoy special price for add-on Smart Home accessories / hardwares.

6.3 What is Enjoy Shopping?
Enjoy Shopping is Malaysia’s first Chinese TV shopping channel. To provide audiences with a variety of products, multiple choices, convenient shopping experience and professional customer service.

6.4 What is Kuro KTV?
Kuro KTV is a karaoke system built in Enjoy TV decoder. It is the best interactive entertainment for you and your family and friends, creating the ultimate family KTV for you.

6.5 What is Screen Mirroring?
The screen-mirroring function allows you to cast your phone or tablet to the bigger screen. Simply connect your mobile phone with the same internet network, you can stream your mobile phone wirelessly on the TV.

6.6 What is Application?
Enjoy TV filters the latest and compatible application to make it easy to use on your TV.

You only need to sign up through the official website www.enjoytv.asia or our authorized dealers in Malaysia. Once complete Signup, FREE decoder will be delivered to you. Of course, you can also order by telephone and call our Customer Service hotline 03-9058 9999.

After signing up, we will ship the decoder to the address you provided. Delivery time varies by region, usually 3-5 working days in West Malaysia and 7-10 working days in East Malaysia. After the product is shipped, we will also provide a tracking number for you to track the delivery status.

If you find the product damaged or the parts are not complete when you receive the product, please call our After-Sales Service hotline 03-90592288 immediately (within 7 days) our service agent assist you.

Enjoy TV does not require any installation fees, just connect the power and network cables to the decoder yourself, and then use the HDMI / AV cable to connect to the TV.
Enjoy TV decoder is also portable, so you can install it at any corner in your home.

【After subscription】

After you received the decoder, please follow the on-screen steps to enter your personal information and activate your account. The decoder Serial Number will be linked with your account. After the activation is successful, you do not need to login again every time you turn on the TV.

Upon subscription, you have allowed the system to automatically deduct the subscription fee from your credit/debit card every month. You can also login to the official website portal.enjoytv.asia/login to check the bills, or use different payment methods to pay the subscription fee and add-on other products.

After signing up, you must fulfill a 24-months service contract.

During the contract period, you can enjoy ALL services and unlimited warranty for the decoder. If you have failed to pay for the subscription fee, some sector of the services will be affected. Additionally, if you do not pay for the subscription fee within 28 days after the billing date, Enjoy TV decoder will be automatically terminated and your deposit will be forfeited. 

For early termination, please inform Enjoy TV customer service 30 days before your next billing date.

Enjoy TV’s Account only uses your mobile phone number as the User ID. The password can be reset through Forget Password under portal.enjoytv.asia/login or by calling the After Sales Service hotline 03-9059 2288.

Due to copyright regional restriction, content and services on Enjoy TV platform maybe be affected regionally. Live TV coverage is currently limited to Malaysia, including West and East Malaysia.

You don’t have to register again, just call our After-Sales Service hotline 03 9059 2288 to help update your information.

All users who subscribe to the Enjoy TVPlus can use the same User Account to login to Enjoy TV mobile APP.
Enjoy TV mobile app is available for free download on Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

Use your registered account to log in to Enjoy TV portal.enjoytv.asia/login, go to Add-On to browse accessories, Enjoy TV users will enjoy special offers!

【Technical Enquiries】

Yes, Enjoy TV uses Internet technology to provide viewers with better resolution and uninterrupted signals. You can use Wifi or broadband Ethernet or even mobile phones Hotspot.

1.1 What is the internet speed Enjoy TV required?

For the best entertainment experience, we recommend customers to have at least 5Mbps-10Mbps internet speed.

The product package comes with HDMI and AV/RCA Cable enable to connect Smart TV and traditional TV.

2.1 Does the decoder have a recording service?

In order to protect intellectual property rights and copyright, Enjoy TV decoder does not provide video recording services for the time being. But, some of the content can be playback in our video-on-demand section.

2.2 How do I ensure that my decoder is updated?

Enjoy TV will regularly update the content and services, we will send you notifications through the decoder. You only need to click on “Update” with your remote control. You can also go to Settings> Update> Network Update to confirm whether the decoder is updated to the latest version, or call the After-Sales service hotline +603 9059 2288 for further assistance.

2.3 Does the decoder have safety certification?
Enjoy TV decoder is safety certified by Sirim, you do not need to worry about any danger in use.

Enjoy TV is not affected by the weather, except that it will occasionally be disturbed by your internet network signals.

If this happens, check your network and reboot the decoder to ensure you get the best experience. You can also call our After-Sales Service hotline 03 9059 2288 for further assistance.

4.1 What should I do if my Enjoy TV decoder is not able to turn-on?

Make sure your power cable, HDMI / AV cable, and network connection to the decoder and TV are installed correctly. You can also call our After-Sales Service hotline 03 9059 2288 for further assistance.

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