Pheonix TV ceased broadcast two channels on Astro, while starting a new collaboration with Enjoy TV New Media Platform

(6th July, Kuala Lumpur) Pheonix TV “Chinese Channel” and ” Infonews Channel” officially aired on Enjoy TV New Media Platform, providing a new service for Chinese viewers in Malaysia. Enjoy TV will be the only legal TV platform in Malaysia to broadcast Phoenix TV’s “Chinese Channel” and “Infonews Channel”.

From now on, Malaysians are able to watch two channels in high definition (HD) Phoenix TV Infonews Channel (CH003) and Chinese Channel (CH015) under the live TV section of the Enjoy TV New Media Platform. Content delivered by Phoenix TV are of international standards, bringing high-quality programs to Chinese audiences around the world. Its famous program includes: “Phoenix Evening Express”, “Phoenix Morning Express”, “Pheonix Tonight”, “A Date with Lu Yu”…etc, as well as many different types of programs. Pheonix TV is the favorite channel brands of Malaysian audiences and the pioneers of TV media broadcaster. Phoenix TV’s “Infonews Channel” is a channel broadcast on Enjoy TV 24 hours a day, providing current news and financial information around the world.

(Provided by Pheonix TV)

“The audience of Phoenix TV in Malaysia is mainly urban and intellectual businessperson, which highly overlaps with Enjoy TV’s users. I also believe “international and objective” news reports by Pheonix TV is the strong reason for Enjoy TV to choose to partner with them.”

Said by Enjoy TV Channel director Datin’ Yoko during her interview with Phoenix TV
(Left) Enjoy TV New Media Platform Channel Director Datin’ Yoko & Pheonix TV Malaysia reporter

It has been half a year since the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world, which has strongly impacted media industry. During the pandemic, Phoenix TV fully demonstrated their professional qualities of fast, detailed, objective news report to the audiences. Being a New Media Platform aims to provide good quality of service, two parties have reached an agreement to work together. Malaysian viewers are now able to subscribe “Enjoy TVPlus” through, get a free TV set-top box (decoder), or download Enjoy TV APP on their Apple or Android phone to stream Pheonix TV. In additional to Phoenix TV, Enjoy TV also provides other legally authorized international channels.

Following months, Enjoy TV will fully promote its “Enjoy TVPlus” package with built-in dual-mode system DTTV+IPTV/OTT, and will seamlessly connect with the future 5G network technology to provide Malaysians a better, faster and more stable service.

(Enjoy TV New Media Platform – Live TV services)

Enjoy TV is the first New Media Platform in Malaysia, which integrated with multiple technologies to combine IPTV / OTT and DTT transmission services. With affordable subscription fee, people are able to enjoy the main functional services provided by Enjoy TV, including: Live TV channels, Video-on-demand, family karaoke, smart home, as well as other interactive application and services. Enjoy TV aims to provide more diverse entertainment and content for Malaysian family viewers.

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2020 “Silk Road Cities Broadcasting Consortium” Forum


KUALA LUMPUR, 24th June – 2020 “Silk Road Cities Broadcasting Consortium” Forum conducted in the form of online video conference at Xi’an TV Station. Representatives from many member units of the “Silk Road Cities Broadcasting Consortium from Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing, Haikou, Lanzhou, Xiamen, and Malaysia, etc., participated in the conference in their respective cities through online network.


(2020 “Silk Road Cities Broadcasting Consortium” Video Conference Forum)


In July 2017, the Propaganda Department of Xi’an Municipal Committee and Xi’an TV Station initiated the establishment of the Silk Road Cities Broadcasting Consortium. The members of the consortium follow the concepts of complementary advantages, project interaction, resource sharing, win-win cooperation, and collaborative development, and jointly create a broader publicity, news communication and cultural exchange platform with international vision and regional influence. In the past three years, the Silk Road Cities Broadcasting Consortium has carried out in-depth cooperation in the form of high-quality programs, joint production, and other broadcasts. Programs such as “Silk Road City Chinese New Year’s Gala” has broadcasted among the members in different cities, and continue to expand their influence. The new road, in the context of the “Belt and Road” initiative, has opened up new space for telling Chinese culture and Silk Road stories in high quality.


(Xi’An Secretary of Party Committee & TV Station Director – Mr. HueYi giving speech) 


The 2020 “Silk Road Cities Broadcasting Consortium” Forum was held to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between cities’ stations, promote program quality improvement, and facilitate collaborations to face challenges together, and jointly start a new journey of a joint broadcast system.


At the forum, Xi’an TV Station and Wuhan TV Station gave keynote speeches on “New Ways to Improve the Image of the City under the Background of Media Convergence” and “Protect the Position of Anti-epidemic Public Opinion and Demonstrate the Role of Mainstream Media”. Hui Yi, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Xi’an TV Station, said that during this special period, this forum invites various broadcaster and television stations to gather in a special way, hoping that the collaborators will continue to find and deepen media collaboration paths, and seek common development and inherit the spirit of the Silk Road. He Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee, Director and Chairman of Wuhan TV Station, said that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to the era. He added “the concepts of cloud economy, cloud ecology, and cloud communication have been assimilating into lives, it changed people’s lifestyle and opened up innovations. The win-win cooperation is more important nowadays.


(Wuhan TV Station Director giving speech)


During the forum, members of Silk Road Cities Broadcasting Consortium also carried out the latest programs and projects of their own stations, such as Xi’an TV station produced 100 episodes 4K documentary “From Xi’an to Rome”, Haikou TV station’s “Hainan Overseas Chinese” and “Haikou Lecture Hall”, Chengdu TV Station’s “National Broadcaster Creation Alliance” project, and Nanjing TV Station’s “Poetry in the World” are all aimed at promoting local culture and push for more creative innovation.


(Xi’an TV Station Introducing new collaborative projects)


Datin’ Yoko, Chief Executive Officer of Enjoy TV and Film Broadcasting Corporation (ETBC) and Director of Enjoy TV New Media TV Platform, said that she had participated in the summit of the “Silk Road Cities Broadcasting Consortium” on behalf of Malaysia’s TV channel in 2017, and has now established the “New Media TV Platform” that provides members from different cities to join the alliance and achieve international broadcasting. In addition to that, Enjoy TV has also introduced opportunities for joint cooperation such as the TV series “I Believe” which caught the attention from members.


(Malaysia Enjoy TV New Media Platform Director – Datin’ Yoko)


In order to further enhance the influence of the “Silk Road Cities Broadcasting Consortium” and create a publicity and communication platform with international vision and regional influence, Xi’an TV Station also invited the members to jointly plan a collaborative documentary project with the theme of “integrated development of cultural and tourism” in each member’s city. Through in-depth interviews and new observations by Chinese and foreign media people, the latest images of each city will be promoted to domestic and foreign audiences. Use the unique perspective of journalists to focus on “cultural” experience and search for tourism highlights which will help urban development.



ConnectASIA 2019 hosted by FINAS / KKMM & Creative Content Association of Malaysia (CCAM)

KUALA LUMPUR, 22th November – FINAS & Creative Content Association Malaysia(CCAM) has organized Third Edition of CONNECTASIA in 2019 at Dewan Tun Dr.Ismail, PWTC Kuala Lumpur. 

ConnectAsia 2019 (Symposium & Networking)  provides a platform annual exhibition for inspiring creative content fresh, new and transnational next position Malaysia as a hub Film, Collaboration Production and Post-Production for both parties, whether local production companies or even attract production companies abroad to expand their business in Malaysia. 


(Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corporation (ETBC) Group Chairman Dato’ Sam Yap)


During the sharing session Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corporation (ETBC) Group Chairman Dato’ Sam Yap has joined the panel to discuss about What the viewers want along with other broadcasters / platform owners.


Besides, Enjoy TV has also introduced two partners from Mr Wang Wei Chiang from Taiwan and Mr. Zhang Zhao Min from China.


(From the left:Mr Wang Wei Chiang, Chairman of Visual and Audio Production Association and Mr. Zhang Zhao Min, Managing Director of Beijing NVP Entertainment & Culture Media Co., Ltd)

Mr Wang Wei Chiang, Chairman of Visual and Audio Production Association from Taiwan, who will conduct strategic content partnership which includes TV channels and content aggregation, content licensing, advertising and marketing, news and information via various media, building a long-term partnership and promoting the growth of media industry in the near future.

(Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corporation (ETBC) Group Chairman, Dato’ Sam Yap and Chairman of Visual and Audio Production Association, Mr Wang Wei Chiang held a signing ceremony for the Content Collaboration.)

Mr. Zhang Zhao Min, Managing Director of Beijing NVP Entertainment & Culture Media Co., Ltd stated that this will be the collaboration of Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corporation Malaysia and two parties from Taiwan & China to jointly-produce the Movie named “I Believe”, a movie-script written by Malaysian Director Datin’ Yoko Chou.

In-line with the initiative, Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corporation (ETBC) Group and Beijing NVP Entertainment & Culture Media Co., Ltd agrees to push for cultural exchange and international cooperation between Malaysia and China. Boosting the development of local Chinese film industry to a broader landscape. This movie will be mostly filmed in Malaysia, China and Taiwan starting on 2020.

(Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corporation (ETBC) Group Chairman, Dato’ Sam Yap and Managing Director of Beijing NVP Entertainment & Culture Media Co., Ltd, Mr. Zhang Zhao Min, held a signing ceremony for Malaysia & China Co-production Movie <I Believe>.)

This has been the first time CCAM has invited Enjoy TV and its partner to participate as part of the media industry players  in Malaysia. Enjoy TV will continue to explore and facilitate the win-win collaboration between content providers and its new media platform.


pic 1

Malaysia & China Co-production Movie “I Believe” Press Conference

KUALA LUMPUR, 25th November – Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corporation today has conducted a press conference for its co-production film “I Believe ” with its partner Beijing NVP Entertainment Cultural Media Co., Ltd. at Finas – Pawagam Mini P. Ramlee.


Together with the co-production partners, distinguished of guests who have joined the Press Conference were CEO of Content Creative Association Malaysia Dato’ Mahyidin Mustakim, Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corporation CFO cum film producer Farid Khaleeque and Investment Advisor Haniza Ros.

From the left:Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corporation CFO cum film producer Farid Khaleeque , Malaysia new actor Bruce,Film director Datin’ Yoko, CEO of Content Creative Association Malaysia Dato’ Mahyidin Mustakim, Japanese new actress Remina,famous Taiwan actor Allen Chao, China famous actor Ray Wang and Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corporatio Investment Advisor Haniza Ros.


“This is an inspirational drama film that will boldly adopt our new creation of theme songs and classic songs as soundtrack that leads the storyline with touching lyrics and beautiful melodies,” said by the film director and script writer Datin’ Yoko Chou during her welcome speech. “We see More Than Blue as a role model of drama film, therefore I look forward to present this film that could express a story of two men comes from different generation that will resonance with the audiences. This movie will be mostly filmed in Malaysia then distributed in Malaysia, China and Taiwan. 《I Believe》 will become the most touching and inspirational movie in of the year!”


Managing Director of Beijing NVP Entertainment & Culture Media Co., Ltd. stated that it has been 45 years since Malaysia and China established diplomatic relations, and during his speech he said “In line with the One Belt One Road initiative, the world has become more diversified with full of cultural exchange opportunities. This film will be internationally distributed. Therefore, the key for overcoming the cultural differences is to create a movie that could express the true emotions and make the audience feel related.” 


CEO of CCAM Dato’ Mahyidin has also mentioned that this will be another huge China & Malaysia co-production project that combines multi-cultural elements, and he looks forward for the film production and distribution to take place in Malaysia.


The artists that has joined the press conference were two leading actors: a well-known actor Allen Chao from Taiwan and well-known actor Ray Wang from China, as well as the Japanese new actor Remina and Malaysian new actor Bruce.

From the left:Malaysia new actor Bruce,Japanese new actress Remina,Film director Datin’ Yoko,famous Taiwan actor Allen Chao and China famous actor Ray Wang.


During the press conference sharing session, Allen has expressed that he has a very high standard on selecting screenplay to work with. However, he has been deeply inspired by the storyline of 《I Believe》 written by the Malaysian director Datin’ Yoko Chou and has decided to participate in the film as one of the leading actor! Ray Wang has also performed the theme song written by Datin’ Yoko along with a guitarist during the conference. Allen Chao has also sung his famous song “I miss you” that would be inserted as one of the soundtrack in the movie.


Datin’ Yoko has shared that the film is in full swing of pre-production preparation, and is expected to start filming in Malaysia, China and Taiwan during March to April 2020. In addition to the four actors today, the production team will also arrange more actors from Malaysia and China to participate in this film. It is expected that a new generation of popular Chinese artist will be joining the lineup!




AVIA Malaysia in View – Enjoy TV talks about the New Matric for TV, OTT Business, e-Commerce and Production.

KUALA LUMPUR, 3rd September – The Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) welcomed over 150 delegates to its conference, Malaysia in View, on 3 September in Kuala Lumpur, for a full day of sessions with the best of both local and international players in Malaysia to discuss the state of the video industry here as it moves into the age of digital convergence.

Growth in Malaysia’s broadcasting industry continues to be challenged in 2019 due to intensifying competition and price erosion. This is further exacerbated by changes in both the technological base and consumer behavior in terms of viewing preferences.

Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corporation (ETBC) Group Chairman Dato’ Sam Yap were invited to give a speech at the conference Malaysia in View hosted by Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) about the New Matric for TV, OTT Business, e-Commerce and Production.

Until now, the “Enjoy TV New Media TV Platform” has been established hand-in-hand with several partners to serve for a better ambition and ideal goal to overcome some of the challenges that Malaysia media industry is facing.

In ETBC Group Chairman’s Speech, he described the time when Enjoy TV started as a production company, Enjoy TV knew that traditional TV stations used to outsource to companies for content production, in return TV stations are able to profit from commercial advertisement, product placements, timeslots and event sponsorships. However, things are now very different, the challenge is huge. With the emerging Over-the-top (OTT) television and social media, individuals and corporates are keen to go for online platforms and digital advertisement, which are considered as more cost-effective options and controllable advertising to achieve the maximum benefits of publicity. Therefore, cross-platform strategies that combine traditional media and new media like Enjoy TV is very crucial for content service providers and advertisers to reach wider and different target audiences.

In addition to the multicultural nature of Malaysia, the country is now experiencing a large transition from switching analogue to digital television. The adoption of digital terrestrial transmission has also benefit traditional media players and users with higher definition resolution, a more stable transmission which ensure content delivery to every household.

Therefore, ETBC created the Enjoy TV New Media Platform in line with the whole nation DTT transformation, while aiming to provide more value added services to the DTT broadcasting as well. With Enjoy TV’s own professional production team and technical team, the platform is integrated with multi-functional sections which include live channels, Video on demand, home entertainment, and Ai smart home service accessible for Malaysian consumers.

Moreover, Dato’ Sam has pointed out that Malaysia market has been flooded with pirated Android TV box which has destroyed the efforts of traditional media, platform operators, content providers and intellectual property owners. The concept of “subscription” for Malaysian audience has been misled by the wrong values and perception by Android TV boxes, consumers think that they can watch more than thousands of channels and on-demand movie and dramas from all over the world with one-time payment and free for lifetime.

(ETBC Group Chairman Dato’ Sam Yap and AVIA CEO Louis Boswell.)

During the Malaysia in View conference, the theme of collaboration cut across all discussions and sessions, even when it came to the issue of regulation. Zulkarnain Mohd. Yasin – Chief Compliance Officer of Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has shared that a more collaborative approach and co-creation between regulators and content creators is needed in the industry in this 21st century. He has also pointed out the government has been trying to catch up media changes and reinforced the regulations for piracy and infringement. However, it still requires all media industry players to work closely together and to educate the audience to acknowledge the value of copyrights and content.

At AVIA’s “Malaysia In View”, the industry remains positive that there are plenty of growth opportunities in the market, but innovation and collaboration is key to moving forward in the new sharing economy.

AVAI CEO Louis Boswell and many other industry players including Astro, TM Net, Media Prima, iFlix, Viu Malaysia, Dimsum has also talked about the topics such as “How to keep the Pay-TV Ecosytem Thriving?” “The New Wave of Digital Content and Monetisation” “The Future of Malaysia Telecoms and Video Offerings”.

The “Malaysia In View” event are designed to bring together government officials, key in-country business heads, and international and local experts to discuss crucial issues relevant to the industry.

In the future, Enjoy TV will continuously to utilize its innovative research and development in Ai smart technology and entertainment application services. Intelligent, innovative and diversified services are our main goal to improve the quality of life of Malaysians, and being open to all sorts of OTT operators, content providers and advertisers to capitalize on their advantages.

Reference: The Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) is the trade association for the video industry and ecosystem in Asia Pacific. It serves to make the video industry stronger and healthier through promoting the common interest of its members. AVIA is the interlocutor for the industry with governments across the region, leads the fight against video piracy and provides insight into the video industry through reports and conferences aimed to support the vibrant video industry. (

Enjoy TV Goes On-Air

Enjoy TV New Media Entertainment Platform Officially Goes On-Air as Malaysia’s Legal TV Box.

KUALA LUMPUR, 1st March – Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corporation (ETBC) today officially begun broadcast on their legal TV Box Entertainment Platform.

Enjoy TV Goes On-Air

Enjoy TV is a licensee under the MCMC’s CASP(I) Broadcasting License, and pledged to work hand-in-hand with the government in their efforts to eradicate piracy. Customers can access Enjoy TV’s content through their SIRIM-certified Enjoy S1 TV Box. Contents and features offered by Enjoy TV include international live television channels, video-on-demand movies and TV shows, smart home system as well as Karaoke. Enjoy TV aims to provide Malaysians with a diverse and economical TV platform; customers can experience the Enjoy TV Entertainment Platform with just a broadband internet connection. Furthermore, with the built-in smart home solution, customers can also monitor and control your home features anywhere and anytime. Enjoy TV touts themselves as “More Than Just a TV Box.”

Enjoy TV and Partners

Today’s On-Air Ceremony was attended by the Deputy Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat Dato’ Haji Mohd. Rashid Hasnon as guest of honour to witness the coalition of partnership with international partners, including 27 CCTV channels from China, NHK World Japan, Arirang Korea, Taiwan’s CTI International, Hong Kong’s Phoenix channels, Deutche Welle from Germany, Malaysia’s own TV Alhijrah, Global One-Belt-Alliance TV, Macau Satellite TV, Sky Wing International Music Channel, Glory Times Sport Channel, as well as video-on-demand provider UUTV, and Kuro KTV Karaoke.

Deputy Speaker Dato' Haji Rashid

In his speech, Dato’ Haji Mohd. Rashid described the creative content and technology industry in Malaysia as “fast growing, influential and high potential sector.” He also urged the local and international content incumbents to help strengthen and nurture the industry further by making their presence available in all legal platforms such as Enjoy TV.

Enjoy TV’s Chairman Dato’ Sam Yap said in his speech that he is honoured to have the support and local and international partners alike to successfully achieve “mission impossible” today. Chief Executive Officer Datin’ Yoko Chou added that “without the hard work by the entire Enjoy TV team, we will not be able to achieve this result in a mere 6 months.” Enjoy TV plans to expand the platform to the ASEAN region, and together bring more Malaysian content to the international arena.

After the launch, Enjoy TV have plans to co-produce the movie titled “I Believe” with China’s CCTV, directed by Datin’ Yoko Chou herself. Main actor Wang Rui together with The Voice Singapore and Malaysia Contestant Ryo Hee finished the event with a live performance of the movie theme song.

Enjoy TV CEO Datin Yoko and Artists Ryo Hee and Wang Rui

Enjoy TV’s Enjoy S1 is available starting today on for a promo price of RM390, including a year of free Enjoy TV subscription. Subscription is priced at RM365 a year. For more information, please call Enjoy TV Hotline 03-90589999 or visit


ETBC Launches Malaysia’s Latest IPTV and OTT New Media Entertainment Platform

Enjoy TV Grand Launch

KUALA LUMPUR, 6th June – Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corporation (ETBC) today launched the brand new Enjoy TV New Media Entertainment Platform (Enjoy TV) at Berjaya Times Square Hotel.

ETBC has been upholding the mission of the media to promote cooperation and information exchange in the industry between Malaysia and other countries. Its subsidiary company, Enjoy TV Holding Sdn. Bhd. was granted a CASP(I) Digital Terrestrial TV (DTTV) broadcaster’s license by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) on the 26th June 2016, and subsequently subscription based IPTV broadcasting license on 12th December 2017.

In keeping up with the constantly growing digital landscape in Malaysia, Enjoy TV New Media Entertainment Platform offers access to high quality content and latest technologies and features through their two flagship products — Enjoy P1 Smart Portable Projector; and Enjoy S1 — 4K Smart TV Set Top Box. Enjoy TV will provide Malaysians an all-in-one entertainment experience by combining traditional television format with more internet-based new media content, creating more value and business opportunities to all Malaysians.

More Than Just a TV Box!

Following the rapid development of internet infrastructure in Malaysia, Enjoy TV was designed with 3i philosophy — Intelligent, Innovative, Incredible to bring high quality and authorised content to Malaysians, including international and local TV content. Other than just television, Enjoy TV also includes many other interactive features such as the latest Smart Home technology, as well as movies, TV shows on demand, games, karaoke, kids content, information/news and shopping. Enjoy TV Set Top Boxes can also work in conjunction with your other mobile devices, making it easier for you to enjoy your media on the big screen.

Enjoy TV Set Top Boxes launches for pre-order with the following price:

  • Enjoy S1 4K Smart TV Set Top Box – RM558 (Early Bird Price RM 390)
  • Enjoy P1 Smart Portable Projector – RM2,688 (Early Bird Price RM 1,880)

Pre-order website: or toll-free hotline 1800-888-122

Today’s ceremony seen over 400 guests from all over the world, including content partners from Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan. “Our team at Enjoy TV have worked incredibly hard for nearly 3 years together with many overseas entities in building this platform,” said ETBC Chairman and Enjoy TV Founder Dato’ Sam Yap. “We have achieved the impossible in the short span of the last 6 months, successfully combining resources from all over the world to launch the new Enjoy TV New Media Entertainment Platform today.”

After the launch, Enjoy TV will be working closely with all of their content partners to bring great content to the Malaysian market. Besides that, Enjoy TV is also pushing to bring high-quality Malaysian content to the international arena. An agreement was reached with Indonesian satellite TV and network infrastructure operator to bring the Enjoy TV Platform to Indonesia in the coming months, and to more ASEAN countries in the future.

On stage, CEO and co-founder Datin Yoko Chou stated that Enjoy TV will also be launching two locally produced TV channels – Enjoy TV Asia (lifestyle and fashion channel), and Enjoy Shopping (Home shopping channel). At the same time, 8 local talented artists have been signed by Enjoy TV to host the programmes, including Ninie and Nadhir Nordin who will be hosting shopping programmes, Anugerah Seri Angkasa Best Male Radio DJ Winner Jin Long’s cooking show, Zhen Ru’s talk show, Ryan Low’s health and lifestyle show, Chilla Cha’s fashion show, and Malaysia Top Supermodel Amber Chia and Wilson Tan, who will be hosting the renowned lifestyle show Golden Lifestyle for the 7th season. Datin Yoko, who is also a film director, will also be hosting her own talk show on Enjoy TV Asia.

The Grand Launching ceremony was attended by the Deputy Secretary General of Ministry of Communications and Multimedia representing Minister YB Gobind Singh Deo,who witnessed the signing of a strategic partnership agreement between Enjoy TV and its partners, including Technology Partner MKTECH, Indonesia’s network operator PGAScom, TV network Diamond World, and Satellite TV operator Ninmedia. An appreciation token was also given to the partners attending the ceremony, including TV AlHijrah, Bernama News Channel, China CCTV/NewTV, Macau Satellite TV, Thailand GobaTV, NOWNews of Taiwan, Skywing International, as well as the Deputy Director General of National Film Development Corporation of Malaysia.

More than 30 local artists and celebrities attended the grand launching ceremony, which included performances from Enjoy TV hosts, Singer Tan Yee Yee, as well as Mrs. Asia International All Nation 2017 Chilla Cha, who performed a wonderful rendition of “I Will Always Love You,” drawing the event to a close.