Pheonix TV ceased broadcast two channels on Astro, while starting a new collaboration with Enjoy TV New Media Platform

(6th July, Kuala Lumpur) Pheonix TV “Chinese Channel” and ” Infonews Channel” officially aired on Enjoy TV New Media Platform, providing a new service for Chinese viewers in Malaysia. Enjoy TV will be the only legal TV platform in Malaysia to broadcast Phoenix TV’s “Chinese Channel” and “Infonews Channel”.

From now on, Malaysians are able to watch two channels in high definition (HD) Phoenix TV Infonews Channel (CH003) and Chinese Channel (CH015) under the live TV section of the Enjoy TV New Media Platform. Content delivered by Phoenix TV are of international standards, bringing high-quality programs to Chinese audiences around the world. Its famous program includes: “Phoenix Evening Express”, “Phoenix Morning Express”, “Pheonix Tonight”, “A Date with Lu Yu”…etc, as well as many different types of programs. Pheonix TV is the favorite channel brands of Malaysian audiences and the pioneers of TV media broadcaster. Phoenix TV’s “Infonews Channel” is a channel broadcast on Enjoy TV 24 hours a day, providing current news and financial information around the world.

(Provided by Pheonix TV)

“The audience of Phoenix TV in Malaysia is mainly urban and intellectual businessperson, which highly overlaps with Enjoy TV’s users. I also believe “international and objective” news reports by Pheonix TV is the strong reason for Enjoy TV to choose to partner with them.”

Said by Enjoy TV Channel director Datin’ Yoko during her interview with Phoenix TV
(Left) Enjoy TV New Media Platform Channel Director Datin’ Yoko & Pheonix TV Malaysia reporter

It has been half a year since the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world, which has strongly impacted media industry. During the pandemic, Phoenix TV fully demonstrated their professional qualities of fast, detailed, objective news report to the audiences. Being a New Media Platform aims to provide good quality of service, two parties have reached an agreement to work together. Malaysian viewers are now able to subscribe “Enjoy TVPlus” through, get a free TV set-top box (decoder), or download Enjoy TV APP on their Apple or Android phone to stream Pheonix TV. In additional to Phoenix TV, Enjoy TV also provides other legally authorized international channels.

Following months, Enjoy TV will fully promote its “Enjoy TVPlus” package with built-in dual-mode system DTTV+IPTV/OTT, and will seamlessly connect with the future 5G network technology to provide Malaysians a better, faster and more stable service.

(Enjoy TV New Media Platform – Live TV services)

Enjoy TV is the first New Media Platform in Malaysia, which integrated with multiple technologies to combine IPTV / OTT and DTT transmission services. With affordable subscription fee, people are able to enjoy the main functional services provided by Enjoy TV, including: Live TV channels, Video-on-demand, family karaoke, smart home, as well as other interactive application and services. Enjoy TV aims to provide more diverse entertainment and content for Malaysian family viewers.

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