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Malaysia & China Co-production Movie “I Believe” Press Conference

KUALA LUMPUR, 25th November – Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corporation today has conducted a press conference for its co-production film “I Believe ” with its partner Beijing NVP Entertainment Cultural Media Co., Ltd. at Finas – Pawagam Mini P. Ramlee.


Together with the co-production partners, distinguished of guests who have joined the Press Conference were CEO of Content Creative Association Malaysia Dato’ Mahyidin Mustakim, Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corporation CFO cum film producer Farid Khaleeque and Investment Advisor Haniza Ros.

From the left:Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corporation CFO cum film producer Farid Khaleeque , Malaysia new actor Bruce,Film director Datin’ Yoko, CEO of Content Creative Association Malaysia Dato’ Mahyidin Mustakim, Japanese new actress Remina,famous Taiwan actor Allen Chao, China famous actor Ray Wang and Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corporatio Investment Advisor Haniza Ros.


“This is an inspirational drama film that will boldly adopt our new creation of theme songs and classic songs as soundtrack that leads the storyline with touching lyrics and beautiful melodies,” said by the film director and script writer Datin’ Yoko Chou during her welcome speech. “We see More Than Blue as a role model of drama film, therefore I look forward to present this film that could express a story of two men comes from different generation that will resonance with the audiences. This movie will be mostly filmed in Malaysia then distributed in Malaysia, China and Taiwan. 《I Believe》 will become the most touching and inspirational movie in of the year!”


Managing Director of Beijing NVP Entertainment & Culture Media Co., Ltd. stated that it has been 45 years since Malaysia and China established diplomatic relations, and during his speech he said “In line with the One Belt One Road initiative, the world has become more diversified with full of cultural exchange opportunities. This film will be internationally distributed. Therefore, the key for overcoming the cultural differences is to create a movie that could express the true emotions and make the audience feel related.” 


CEO of CCAM Dato’ Mahyidin has also mentioned that this will be another huge China & Malaysia co-production project that combines multi-cultural elements, and he looks forward for the film production and distribution to take place in Malaysia.


The artists that has joined the press conference were two leading actors: a well-known actor Allen Chao from Taiwan and well-known actor Ray Wang from China, as well as the Japanese new actor Remina and Malaysian new actor Bruce.

From the left:Malaysia new actor Bruce,Japanese new actress Remina,Film director Datin’ Yoko,famous Taiwan actor Allen Chao and China famous actor Ray Wang.


During the press conference sharing session, Allen has expressed that he has a very high standard on selecting screenplay to work with. However, he has been deeply inspired by the storyline of 《I Believe》 written by the Malaysian director Datin’ Yoko Chou and has decided to participate in the film as one of the leading actor! Ray Wang has also performed the theme song written by Datin’ Yoko along with a guitarist during the conference. Allen Chao has also sung his famous song “I miss you” that would be inserted as one of the soundtrack in the movie.


Datin’ Yoko has shared that the film is in full swing of pre-production preparation, and is expected to start filming in Malaysia, China and Taiwan during March to April 2020. In addition to the four actors today, the production team will also arrange more actors from Malaysia and China to participate in this film. It is expected that a new generation of popular Chinese artist will be joining the lineup!



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